Custom Products

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The HPS Design Team is comprised of passionate engineers and support staff that are dedicated to solving real-world transformer challenges for a broad range of customers.

HPS has made a significant investment in people and facilities that has resulted in a rich legacy of leading technologies and manufacturing methodologies that are now available to address your specific requirements.

With over 800 new custom designs engineered and built every year, HPS meets the request of every customer on every product for every application.

We design to your specifications – in days, instead of weeks or months.

HPS Custom Transformers include:

  • Air-core and iron reactors up to 2500 amps
  • Cyclonconverters
  • Excitation Transformers
  • Rectifier Duty Transformers
  • Traction Duty Transformers
  • Mining Duty Excavator Transformers
  • Large Indoor/Outdoor Current Limiting Air-Core Reactors
  • 12, 18, and 24 Multi-Pulse Drive/Inverter Duty Transformers