Renewable Energy

HPS builds custom transformers for alternative energy systems such as wind power and co-generation systems. As the demand increases for energy-efficient products, HPS continues to invest in R&D to meet the demands for this emerging market.

Whether it’s a standard transformer or reactor, or a custom built, HPS has the experience to provide a magnetics solution for your application. HPS draws from a large design team with hundreds of years of combined experience to find a solution to your magnetics needs.

Drive and Automation

HPS is one of the only companies globally that can provide drive-related products using all three main transformer insulation technologies: vacuum pressure impregnations (VPI), cast resin and oil-filled.

In extreme conditions, our customers need equipment that can survive and perform in demanding, complex applications. HPS transformers are suited for many demanding industrial markets. HPS specialty transformers help power off -shore oil rigs and mining shovels, while encapsulated transformers like the HPS Titan series keep dust, moisture, and corrosive contaminants from affecting the transformer.

Oil & Gas

Our factories in North America and Asia combine to provide the manufacturing expertise and deliverables the Oil and Gas market requires. HPS offers the broadest variety of transformer and reactor solutions for the oil and gas market. Whether it’s a standard reactor, a modified Land Drilling Duty transformer, a Class 1, Div. II encapsulated transformer or a custom medium voltage power unit, HPS has the experience to provide a magnetics solution for your application.