Education Reimbursement Program and Scholarships

HPS supports employee carer development and offers an employee Education Reimbursement Program and the Lillian E. Hammond Scholarship to support the post-secondary education of our employees and their dependent children.

HPS employees work in a fast-paced environment in an industry defined by innovation and constant change. Our world-class manufacturing facilities are staffed by assemblers, technicians and engineers who contribute decades of expertise in their fields and strive to continuously optimize our production processes. The engineering professionals at these facilities design new products, find innovative solutions for our customers, and enhance our existing slate of proprietary technologies and software. In addition, we have several teams of well-seasoned business professionals who drive to create and deliver defined objectives and shareholder value.

Continuous Improvement

To help us reach our goals over the last 90 years, HPS maintains a Continuous Improvement philosophy, popularly known as Kaizen, to reduce waste, improve quality, reduce delivery time, increase customer satisfaction, and assure a safer work area. We understand that the input of employees, spanning all disciplines and functions, is the most effective method to gather the facts needed to address and act on improvement initiatives. As a team member, you can expect to be elicited for feedback and suggestions at any time as we continue to embrace this philosophy.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is also closely associated with Continuous Improvement (or KaizenTM), and focuses specifically on waste and safety in the workplace. Both of these concepts directly support the most common quality systems, including ISO-9001:2008, as published by the International Standards Organization (ISO). While lean manufacturing is best described as a way of thinking, its core is based on the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes. The goal of lean manufacturing is to eliminate all non-value added activities and waste within an organization. We at HPS strive to support both Continuous Improvement and Lean initiatives.

Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2008)

All quality systems specifically target preventive maintenance and contingency planning as both management and team objectives in assuring the reliability of the manufacturing process. Of particular interest is the goal of reducing downtime, reducing the cost of quality, and assuring consistency of processes. HPS is committed to maintaining its ISO 9001:2008 certification at its corporate facility, and strives towards certification across the organization.