Work/Life Balance

HPS recognizes that all employees have interests and responsibilities outside of the workplace, therefore we support and encourage our employees to balance their work and personal responsibilities through a variety of our lifestyle programs.


Vacation is intended to ensure employees have time away from the workplace each year to balance their personal and lifestyle needs with their business responsibilities. Employees are eligible for paid vacation time, pro-rated during their first year of employment.


HPS respects the cultural and historical perspectives recognized by the country, states, and/or provinces where we operate and offers many paid holidays each year. Contact Human Resources for a complete listing of holidays observed by facility.

Flex Time

Flextime allows employees to maintain a balance between work and personal life by supporting their needs to attend to personal commitments outside of the workplace. Flextime may vary with some standard work schedules.

Service Recognition Awards Program

HPS recognizes and rewards its employees who have shown their commitment to the company through service milestones.  Our Service Recognition Awards Program recognizes employees at their service milestone, at increments of 5 years. We wish to present a special reward that is meaningful and well-loved, allowing our recipients to custom select an award of their liking from the latest trends and styles that truly reflect the diversity of our employees.  The Lifestyle Awards selection includes camping equipment, power tools, garden and home accessories, or choose from the Traditional Awards selection including watches and fine jewellery.

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The HPS Employee & Family Assistance Program is a confidential, professional counseling service provided to employees and family members at no cost. The program is administered by an external provider and offers counseling services for personal well-being, relationship management, legal and financial clarity and work/life balance.

Employee Education Assistance

HPS is committed to supporting employees in their endeavor to achieve their highest potential. HPS aids these efforts by providing financial assistance towards continuing education pursuits. This assistance enables employee growth that contributes to the company’s overall business success.

Scholarships For Dependents

The L.E. Hammond Scholarship encourages dependent children of HPS employees to further their education beyond the secondary school level by providing financial assistance to the employee’s child for costs related to post-secondary school courses.

Leaves Of Absence

Leaves of absence grant paid time off to employees for life events such as parental leave, bereavement, and jury/witness duty. Employees may also apply for personal unpaid leaves of absence.